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Denne gangen har jeg fått inn en omtale fra gjestebloggeren Robert Wood som skriver om boka «Glasshouse» av Charles Stross.

Now this is an interesting book. You better have your tech lingo nailed to your cortex. Robin, our twenty-seventh century protagonist, is trapped in the simulated reality of an American 1950-60 small town. But this reality is nightmarish twisted and broken up, a crushed mirror of our own western world reality.

And in many-a-way Charles Stross uses this broken mirror to point a dirtyfinger at several of our plain, stupid, meaningless customs and traditions. And he does succeed!The book is exiting and at times bitter-sweet funny. It is difficult to recommend this book because it’s almost like sticking your head into a Glasshouse with mirrors and seeing your society from inside out and

outside in. In other words… It`s easy to get a headache. But then again the book is very fascinating, especially the way Stross plays with the concept of gender. LOL… What the heck.. Take a chance on an innovative book and see if you make it through the first 54 pages.


Robert Wood